In BUT, we move forward in a sustainable way by dint of our fundamental values, which keep us on track towards a dynamic and human development.



As a people company, we respect each employee as an individual no matter where he/she is from, how junior or senior he/she is, no matter of his/her religion and culture.


In BUT Sourcing, we have our own Design Team to listen to the needs of our customers and answer to them with good products reply.The creativity and the creation remain our added values. We bring to BUT Stores our product design and make some market exclusivities.


We are proud to bring qualified products to BUT stores, our goal is to give customers the best regarding on both appearance and quality as our product are 100% certified according to French regulations.


Our  success is the result of our employees’ work. The teamwork and self-achievement, allowing us to move forward and rise to our challenges.


BUT Sourcing has developed a direct and efficient relation with Paris head office. This link allows us to move forward in the direction of our management needs.


We value integrity and make no compromise. We Promise to conduct business with the highest ethical standards.


In BUT Sourcing we welcome all kinds of voice and treasure those who has new ideas even your ideas are not the best, you are encouraged to grow in your way not in a fixed regulation.


BUT Sourcing takes on new challenges every day,we never quit when we fail, we embrace challenges and turn them into opportunity of becoming a better us.